Gewoon vrienden wint Publieksprijs in Perth

Op het Perth Queer International Film Festival is Just Friends zeer goed door het publiek ontvangen.

In de categorie Best Feature Film 2018 ontving Just Friends (Gewoon vrienden – BNNVARA 2018) de Peoples Choice Award op het Perth Queer International Film Festival. Dit is in korte tijd al de tweede prijs voor de film van het publiek. Op Festival Mix Milano won Gewoon vrienden eerder dit jaar van het publiek al de Premio De Publico

Gewoon vrienden maakt op dit moment een succesvolle tournee over de wereld, met lovende recensies. Na San Francisco werd de film warm onthaald op festivals in onder meer Taiwan, Perth, Sydney, Hongarije en Chicago.


De Sydney Arts Guide schreef onder meer: “A romantic comedy, it is a film of perfect balance, the beginning hilarious, the middle romantic and the finale deliciously moving. Featuring two terrific actors in the lead roles and a quirky collection of family behind them, it is a story of opposites and their attraction.”

Out in Perth schreef onder meer: “Just Friends (or Gewoon vrienden) was the main event of the evening, and the film made for a beautiful introduction to this year’s program from Festival Director Mark Reid.”

Xpress magazine Australia schreef onder meer: “Despite touching on a number of more dramatic subjects Just Friends never really examines them in any real depth. This is not to say that this Dutch romantic comedy is shallow, rather it is aware of the deeper issues of family, of the world, and certainly the rise of intolerance – but that is the background as opposed to the main focus of the film. At its heart Just Friends is a charmingly romantic film about young love, and the trials and tribulations of that, as our own self doubts and personal demons come into play. Those wider issues are the outside world, kept at bay by that bubble created by sharing an ear bud to listen to a Spotify playlist, or lying in a field of grass and cloudgazing.”

3 oktober 2018